Cause Of Back muscle pain

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The muscular system is the organ system for motion. With this, an organism is able to deal with the tasks through the body functions of the muscle fibers together.

Muscle back pains might be common for those people that are dealing with extreme activities. People suffering from the condition might want to know more about these to let them get rid of the hurts they could feel. The following could be the causes of the pain of the back muscles:

Muscle Strains

Stretching your body could also have the back muscles get stretched to their limits. With that, the muscular organs would be damaged giving you the excruciating pain. This could really affect you in doing tasks you wanted to carry on as back muscles are always connected to the muscles of the arms.

Lumbar Strain

A lumbar strain is the result of having the lumbar ligaments stretched or torn. People having lumbar strain would feel excruciating pain on the lower back giving them the difficulty in doing tasks especially for those that require them to bend. One could feel spasms with this that would result to great amount of pain.

Sports Injuries

Participation in sports is a good way to live healthy physically, mentally, and socially. This allows men to work more on their strategic skills as they try to get a score. However, injuries are inevitable especially when the game includes tackling the adversary. Some muscles could be forcibly stretched during encounters.

Herniated Disks or Slipped Disks

Some bones of the spinal column might just come out of the line through overstretching or accidents. This leads to have some nerves exposed outside the column. With that, a simple movement could disturb this nerve resulting to the pain of the back and the muscles.


This is an autoimmune disease in which your immune system is being attacked by itself. Lupus could also attack the muscles and tissues of the human body resulting to the excruciating pain on the back. This condition could not be cured, but there are some treatments if the symptoms make their way to take over.

Muscle Cramp

This is the sudden involuntary contraction of muscles that gives you intense pain. With this, you would not be able to use the affected muscle temporarily.


Also known as flu or seasonal flu, a viral infection that attacks one’s respiratory system. This is caused by the influenza virus. As the virus is invading the body, the immune system would react to it making its first move to try to get rid of the infection. With that, the body could experience muscle pain as a result of the body’s defensive activity.

Staph Infection

Staphylococci are bacteria commonly found on our skin, and are mostly harmless. However, if too much of these bacteria are thriving on ones skin, then there could be a possibility for the opportunists to get deeper into the system making them fatal. They could seep in the muscles resulting to pain. The joints and the bones could also be attacked by these bacteria.

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